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Director Communications

Director Communications


A Master’s degree holder in communications science with several certifications and professional qualifications, She can simply be revered to as the “communication guru” who has great expertise and passion for service delivery taking advantage of her depth of understanding in public relations and administration.

She has over 10 years experience in public relations, communications and consultations, at middle management and senior management level spanning across almost all the business sectors in South Africa and its environment.

She is a great team player who stops at nothing in ensuring that every project counts and every goal is met at record time. She believes greatly in career development and as well as good rewards to exceptional performance. She is a passionate, young South African lady that have set a goal of being part of management of an organization aspiring to be within the top 10 business conglomerate in South Africa within the next 5 years. She believes in the success of Vision 5@5 and will stop at nothing to ensure it comes to reality.



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51 ,Indlovu Complex,
2673, Dobberman Street,
Midrand ,1685,

South Africa

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