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Installers Mate

Bridging the Gap for DStv Accredited Installers

Welcome to the Initial Trial Release of Installers Mate 1.0.0001 for DStv Accredited Installers & Partners all over the world

Here is the Data Capture Application for DStv Installers.
Kindly Download the file , extract it and run the “setup.exe” file to Install the application on any Computer running on Windows Vista and Above.
The installation process is fully auto synchronized so you shouldn’t have any challenge.


This application runs on the .NET framework enviroment, hence there is need to have minimum of .NET Framework 4.5 installed on your Computer. Also i have included some extra
files for your convenience. I included Winzip.exe installer an extraction software in case you dont have any . This will help you extract the files. Just doublw click the download zip file
and run the winzip.exe from the opened viewer. Also i included a teamviewer installer, this is a realtime connectivity software which will allow me connect to your system
anywhere to assist you in case you have any challenge during installation.
The installation file is included in the release for your convenience. Just run the .NET framework .exe file first before installing the Installers Mate.exe
Also you need to have minimum of Microsoft office 2007 installed on your system. All systems should have that.


  1. Run dotNetFx45_Full_setup.exe
    2 Run Installers Mate 1.0.001 Trial.exe
  2. Restart Your system
  3. You will require a test password to access the application functions. You can request this by sending us an email
    via Your Subject should be IM 1.0.001 Password
  4. Enjoy.


  1. New Logo & Desktop Icon
  2. Database access globalised
  3. Placeholder On Login Form
  4. Email Login Option Added (Email must be registered with the developer)
  5. More Colourful Splashscreen Loader added
  6. Login Enter/Tab Conflict Issues Resolved.
  7. User Friendly Close Button on Login Page
  8. Buttons Appearance Upgraded.
  9. User Code Verification Added
  10. License verification issue fixed
  11. Trial attempt limits on User Code verification
  12. Exit Button on User Code Verification
    12 Administrative Panel Included
  13. Cloud Storage Options Added
  14. Inventory System Included
  15. Staff Management system Included
  16. More Attractive GUI
  17. PoS Platform ready modules ( Not included yet)
  18. Reports Generation Annually and Monthly.
    17 Products Management Module Included

Feel free to get back to me via or, in case you face any challenge(s).

You can also call +27 011 620 3130 between 09:00 am – 16:00 pm


Olayinka Olubola Olayemi Victor
Software Developer | IT Solution Consultant
Andrecom South Africa
Andrecom Group