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Installers Mate 1.0

Special Solution For Accredited DStv Installers

This is a state of the art desktop software thats designed to bridge the gap between DStv accredited Installers  all over Africa . It covers all data capture that is required for claims and for record purposes. It has an integrated backlink for cloud storage and data submission for claims with DStv.


Specially designed to manage all School Administration

A WEB Based SaaS ( Software As A Service) for all schools that needs a simple but standard solution to resolve their daily school management challenges ranging from, Front Desk Support, Report Generation, Transportation, Accommodation to mention a few . Emfundo also has a Standalone PHP Script developed with state of the art solution tools which can be integrated as a stand alone solution to any school that feels uncomfortable with a SaaS. Whichever Solution you choose, You’ll be glad giving it a try .

Schools Mate

A One-Stop Basic Educational Institution Management Application. Covers all School Administration , Government Statistics & Monitoring and Project Management. is a fully responsive, effective and efficient School Administration & Management Application designed to bridge the gap between Educational regulatory institutions, Ministries of Education, Schools (Nursery , Primary & Secondary), Teaching and non-teaching staff, Parents and students.

The design is very user friendly and it does practically everything ranging from invoice management staff management, Payroll, Students records, attendance, Email / SMS Notifications, V-classroom, shared library, e-library and so much more.


Specially designed for companies, HR Consultants and HR Advisors to manage all that concerns the human resources of any organization.

Employers Mate is a  WEB Based PaaS/SaaS ( Software As A Service) for all Companies, HR Consultants, HR Advisors , Government offices and everyone that needs a digital mate to manage their workforce seamlessly. The solutions caters for bio metrics/time attendance management, shift management, appraisal management, promotions and incentives, payroll management and customizable report generation to mention a few .

It serves as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for HR consultants and advisors that wants to manage all their clients seamlessly . It also allows companies that prefers to manage their workforce by themselves to register on the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Whichever platform you choose, you are are guaranteed of a perfect service delivery that gives you rest of mind.

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